Sunday, May 30, 2010

20 Miles

I love, love, love how I feel after a long run...lean and strong! And yesterday's run was fabulous! I ran my usual, favorite, middle of the desert route. Have I told you how much I love running in the desert? It makes me happy!

As I started my run, I knew it was going to be a good one, I could just feel it. Perfect weather, lots of good sleep the night before... and I wasn't disappointed.

A couple of crazy things happened though, when I reached the first half mile, I crossed the street, not remembering the baby birds in the tree on the other side of the road. As I was running, minding my own business, listening to Madonna on my ipod, a mama/daddy bird started swooping down... once... twice... and the third time it made contact. I felt so violated...Ha! I was just glad it didn't poop on my head!

The rest of the run was pretty uneventful, just me and the open road. At mile 17.5 I looked down at my feet, and thought they looked weird, then I realized I was wearing two different shoes. My Kayano 15s and my 2150's. I have never done that before. Note to self, turn on the closet light while getting ready.

I have always loved the Kayanos, but since they've tweaked the design, I prefer the 2150s. They are more narrow and my foot doesn't slide around as much inside.

Hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend!  Keep running!

Friday, May 21, 2010


I am having serious racing withdrawls...I have been feeling:
~Irritable..just ask my family
~I have poor concentration
~And I have been taking naps, I never do that.

My next race is in a few weeks and I am jonesin'.  I keep looking on the Marathon Guide, hoping there is something new on the list...but there never is.  I need help!  :)

I am planning on running 18 miles tomorrow, hopefully that will cure my obsession for another week. The Honeysuckle is blooming and it smells so good when I run in the it!  Have a great weekend!

Keep running.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I have a black toenail. A new one. After the race on Sunday it was really tender and I wondered...but wonder no more, took the polish off and sure enough. Now I have a squirly toenail on both feet, lucky me!

2. It has been cold here the past couple of days. I've been wearing long sleeves, I even turned the furnace on for a few minutes on Tuesday.

3. Bethany and Ryan over at Our Love on the Run are hosting a giveaway for BeeCause Charms. Go over and check it out!

Keep running.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cheribundi~Product Review

I have always loved cherries. I have never found them to be that great in a juice, until now. I discovered cheribundi a few weeks ago when I received some samples in the mail. I was pleasantly surprised at how great the juice tasted. It tastes like REAL CHERRIES! They pack 50 cherries in every 8 oz bottle!

The great cherry taste is only the beginning of the many benefits of cheribundi. It is full of antioxidants and it is all natural and not from concentrate. I loved drinking this juice after my workouts. I found it to be a great post run or post lifting drink. 

Both of my kids liked the juice as well, in fact, my three year old thought they were all for her. :) So...they are kid approved! And there really is no need to tell them that cheribundi contains Vitamin A, Potassium, Iron, Calcium and B-Vitamins...they just know it tastes good!

Cheribundi comes in three different varieties~original Tru Cherry, Skinny Cherry, which has fewer calories than the original and is sweetened with Stevia, and Whey Cherry which is packed with 8 grams of protein. If you would like to learn more about cheribundi you can sign up for their newsletter, become their fan on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or join them on You Tube. Check out their website for a retailer near you and some fun cherry recipes. 

**Please note the opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.**

Monday, May 10, 2010

Grand Valley Marathon Recap

There was a learning curve at this race for me. I have never run back to back marathons this close together before. (6 days apart).

A few things I learned:
*Don't eat like crap the week in between races
*Get more sleep
*Don't see the 8 PM showing of Iron Man II the night before
*Did I mention don't eat like crap?

The race was put on by Mammoth Marathons. They sponsor five different races, and they do a good job. They don't do timing chips, just nice small races. There were probably only 250 people total combined for the marathon/half/10K/5K. I met a lot of nice people and I had a great time, for the most part.

The race started in the small town of Palisade, CO, which is just outside of Grand Junction. Grand Valley is absolutely gorgeous. We ran through the wine country, I didn't realize Colorado had a wine country, along the Colorado River.  It was a pretty run. The hills were killer, which didn't bother me. The wind, on the other hand, I could have done without.

I started feeling fatigued at about 14.5 miles. I ate a GU at the aid station and as I approached 15.5 miles I saw a lady on the side of the road talking on the phone bending over...those of you tender hearted dog lovers feel free to skip down to the next paragraph...the lady had just hit a dog and it killed it. I won't go into the details but just know that I lost it, started crying, couldn't run or breath. It completely wiped me out! I had to keep pushing the sad images out of my head the rest of the race.

Emotionally I was spent, my bowels were acting up (even after two Immodium) and I was feeling sick. The stars were not aligned for me at this race. But I finished! Not my best time ever, but definitely not my worst! 

#18 Done! Keep running.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drink Coke. Get Fat...

We went to the local convenience store tonight to get a slurpee. We had just finished playing at the park, the kids were hot and a slurpee seemed to be the thing that would "hit the spot." As we stood in line I watched as several customers came in with their 95 ounce refill cups...every single one of them was overweight. Do they not realize that it is the soda that is making them fat? Do they realize they are teaching their kids bad habits? HELLO! I bet Philip Morris wishes he invented cola. I drink the occasional diet Coke... It tastes great, especially with fresh squeezed lemon, but it is not an every day thing. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be on a soap box, it was just an eye opener for me and it made me feel sad.  I try to be a good example for my kids, there are many times that I fail, but they know that exercising and eating healthy is important to me. Hopefully it will resonate in them as they become adults and they will make healthy choices.

Keep running.

Monday, May 3, 2010

OC Marathon Race Recap

This was my first time running in California. I love Southern California. I have lots of great childhood memories there. I love the smells, the sun, the ocean...AND it is home to "The Happiest Place on Earth." 

The OC Marathon course was great. It went through the coastal cities of Newport Beach, Irvine, and Costa Mesa. I especially loved running through Corona Del Mar... there are some magnificent homes in that area. The coast on one side, the smells in the air, California at its best.

The first 10 miles was along the Pacific ocean and Newport Beach. The weather was perfect, warm with a slight breeze in the upper 70's, perfect for running. 

I enjoyed this race so much. It was well organized, although they could've had more volunteers at the aid stations, they just weren't prepared for the number of runners coming through. But there was great spectator support all along the course. 

I felt strong the entire race. At about mile 20-21 I started noticing the runners who had hit the wall, I have been there and knew exactly what was going through their heads. I had been following what appeared to be a first timer, and I could see by the slump in her stride that she was hitting the wall. I ran up next to her and said, "Don't stop now," as so many other people had done for me in the past she smiled and she started to run with me. I have been so grateful for all of you out there that have told me to "Not stop now!" It has got me to my 18th marathon.

 I DIDN'T HAVE ANY NAUSEA OR CRAMPING!!!!!! I think I have finally figured out what works for me. My last several races I have taken B-12 drops along the way. And the last two races I ate a burger and fries the evening before. I really think there is something to the red meat, fat and salty french fries :).

All along the route throughout the day I had seen people in red shirts that said, "Carey's Corps." At mile 26 a group of them passed me pushing a wheelchair. I didn't think anything of it until I crossed the finish line... they were all right there and I heard the announcer say, "Sergeant Carey is crossing the finish line with the help of his fellow U.S. Marine Corps platoon..." I turned around just in time to watch him get out of his chair and walk across the finish line..the tears just poured out of me as I watched and clapped for him. You can read Sergeant Carey's story here.  Oooh-Rah Sgt. Carey! Congrats on your marathon finish!! It really was the highlight of the entire race for me!
Thanks again to my Sponsor: Little Caesars! I will be running #18~ Grand Valley marathon in five days! Almost halfway there! Keep running!