Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My New Sport

Wow! It has been quite a while since I posted anything on here!  Time really does fly. I wanted to give a quick update as to what's been going on in the life of this lady. I have a new sport...  

I am officially an NPC Figure Competitor.  I competed in my first show a few short weeks ago. Let me tell you, it was an experience!  15 weeks of dieting, kick arse workouts from none other than Kori Propst (love her!), and lots of positive self talk.

Preparing for and competing in a bodybuilding event is not a far cry from training for a marathon. There are many similarities. There were good training days and bad training days. I recall one in particular where I had to lay on the floor for awhile and just cry because I felt so angry.. I hit a wall at about 4 weeks out, which to my calculations would be about mile 22 of a marathon..Similarities, yes!

I KNOW running.  I know how my body reacts to those long grueling miles. I know what to do to refuel before, during and after 26.2 miles. But when I started this journey I didn't know what to expect or even what I was supposed to do for that matter. I knew there was going to be a learning curve with this competition, so I got some help from the Guru,  Joe Klemczewski ~ The Diet Doc.  He is so good at what he does! He and Kori really made the whole prep experience a fantastic one. And I even came home with some BLING! A 3rd place trophy.  Not bad for a first time.

I also wanted to let you all know I have a new blog. You can read about my adventures here.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mizzou Fan on KU Campus..

It has been fun watching this video come to fruition... Hope it makes you laugh like it does me!
Well done, boys!  :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pro Compression Athletic Performance Socks Review

I have a new love! I love my new Pro Compression Athletic Performance socks!

I've had them now for several weeks and I've been wearing them religiously...every cardio workout! Not only are they cute, they make me feel like I can go for hours..(:

Eric at Pro Compression sent me 3 styles to try. And honestly, I love all of them!

My favorites are these~ the Limited Edition "MJ Endurance." These *Stars* were inspired and designed by Olympic Silver Medalist and Ironman Hawaii world champion Michellie Jones.

 This style is the Marathon Lite. It is the lightest weight, graduated compression sock available.

Eric also sent me two pair of the Trainer Low style. I like wearing these. To work, shopping, or just around the house. 

Why compression?
Doctors will often prescribe compression footwear for patients who have poor circulation in their legs and feet. The compression footwear applies squeezing action to the legs and encourages better, faster circulation.

The same principle applies to compression running socks, and has been found to be of special benefit to the long distance runner. The repetitive movement of the runner's legs applies outward force to the blood, or pressure towards the ends of the feet. This discourages blood flow back to the heart and lungs, which in turn affects the rate of oxygenated blood carried back to the legs. By squeezing the legs around the ankles and calves, the blood is helped to circulate through the legs and feet more efficiently.

While it hasn't been confirmed whether compression socks actually improve oxygen consumption efficiency, there are a number of other benefits that runners have reported:

*Reduced distraction ~ the socks don't slide down your legs or slip and twist during the run, which also helps to reduce the formation of blisters
*Reduced muscle fatigue and pain
*Reduced development of shin splints by helping to hold the muscles in place
*Improved sense of balance
*Faster lactate recovery rate after a run.

Keep in mind that compression socks will not instantly transform you into a great athlete. But they do make a noticeable difference and can help you get a little bit more out of your workout and aid your performance.  By helping flush the lactic acid from your muscles, you’ll experience a faster recovery time, too. 

I highly recommend Pro Compression Athletic Performance Socks!! Check out their website here. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again Eric and Pro Compression for the opportunity to try your fabulous products! 

**Note the opinions in this post are my own. I was given product to use and review and was not paid for this.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PR* Bars~The Review

I was recently contacted by PR Nutrition to try out some of their products. After reading about the PR*Bars online I was excited to try them. They sent me a box of PR*Bars and a customized Adaptive Nutrition Program.

The first test I put the bars through was the "Kid Test." Both my ten year old and my five year old liked them. Score! Oh, and I liked them too! Not only do they taste great, they have 15g of protein, 23 carbs, relatively low sugar, and are around 200 calories. Some of the other things I liked about them are...

* They are all natural
* They are gluten free
* They have no sugar alcohols
* And did I mention they have 15 grams of protein

The PR*Bar Fast Burn Nutrition Program includes a personalized nutrition and weight loss plan based on your lean body mass, individual requirements, and weekly training. According to PR*Bars, the program "aids in losing body fat, enhancing athletic performance, building lean muscle, and improving nutrition..." The main elements to the Fast Burn Nutrition Weight Loss Program are...

* Use of stored body fat for energy
* Reduces hunger and sugar cravings for 3-6 hours
* Increased levels of physical and mental energy
* Less fatigue, light-headedness, and mood swings
* Improved tissue repair and recovery, resulting in fewer injuries
* Increased metabolism as a result of an increase in lean body mass

I really liked the PR*Bars. I tried them before and after workouts with great results. They aren't just selling a nutrition bar, they're also encouraging better nutrition for improved performance and better health and body composition.

PR*Bars have been named the Official Performance Nutrition Bar of the US Olympic Team. You can find complete information on PR*Bars and the Fastburn Program on their website.
You can also find PR*Bars on Facebook.  If you have been looking for an all around good nutrition bar, look no further!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Run Like a Girl Book Review

I was contacted a several weeks ago to review Mina Samuels' book Run Like A Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives.  

Run Like A Girl is part locker-room confidential and personal memoir, revealing how women build confidence by participating in sports, whether it's running, rock climbing, or yoga. Sports can indeed transform a woman's life in profound ways. Throughout the book the author illustrates how participation in sports can boost confidence and strength, and how it can then be seen in other areas of life. This book is inspiring, funny, and at times, heartbreaking. The candid stories of nearly a hundred women fill the pages. From a U.S.-ranked amateur triathlete who’s raising an autistic son, to a woman who runs her first marathon at sixty; and a young mother with scoliosis who cycles her way back to health; as well as sports icons Kathrine Switzer, Rebecca Rusch, and Molly Barker. These women all share how sports helped them overcome life’s obstacles and achieve the happiness and success they’d been running toward. Through Samuels personal experience, we are given suggestions on how to cope positively with all the negative self-image, and all of life's challenges. It is a light hearted, enjoyable read that leaves you feeling empowered. It truly shows how sprots can play a vital role in a worman's life. 

“For anyone looking for a dose of inspiration before lacing up their sneakers, this book is it: part manifesto, part motivation, use it to go a little farther, faster, and feel better about every step.”– Lucy Danziger, editor-in-chief, SELF magazine, and co-author, The Nine Rooms of Happiness

"A book that is needed and important and life changing — all the things running has been for us!” – Kathrine Switzer, author of Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women’s Sports, Running and Walking for Women Over 40 and co- author of 26.2 Marathon Stories

“I was hooked after the first page. Run Like A Girl reminds me, once again, the power and importance of sport in young girls and women’s lives. As a mom and an athlete, I will continue to proudly run like a girl and support my kids as they do the same!” – Summer Sanders, Gold Medalist and TV personality

“A compelling and insightful book about using sport and physical activity to balance the extraordinary challenges women face. . . a must read for women athletes and non-athletes alike.” – Donna Lopiano, founder and president of Sports Management Resources; formerly CEO of the Women’s Sports Foundation

About the author: Mina Samuels is a former trial lawyer, a human-rights advocate, a freelance writer and editor. In addition to many ghostwriting projects, her previous books include a novel, The Queen of Cups, and The Think Big Manifesto, coauthored with Michael Port. When she is not writing she might be off doing triathlons, marathons, biking, cross-country skiing, yoga, rock climbing, kayaking, snowshoeing, or hiking in far off places.

I have really enjoyed reading Run Like A Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives. I agree that transformations can and will happen and by staying focussed, we can overcome our obstacles and become better equipped to achieve happiness in our lives. "To be strong in body is to be strong in mind.”  Check out Mina's blog and get your copy of Run Like A Girl here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Do you think it would improve my running if I did this.. Ha!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Active Bands

Active Bands is having a fabulous giveaway over at their blog! You could be one of two lucky winners to get a free $50 gift card.  Go check it out here

I actually have two Active Bands and I love love love them! They don't slip and they keep your hair just where you want it...out of your eyes! Go on over to Active Bands and see for yourself how great they are!