Friday, September 26, 2008

Top of Utah ~ Race Report Part 2

I had never been to Logan, Ut before last Friday night.  What a cute little town, it had a nice quiet, small town feel to it, and the temple is beautiful!

I rode up with my friend Lyndi~this was her first marathon and she did awesome! We picked up our race packets, signed up for the text messaging updates and then ate pasta. I normally don't do the race's pasta dinner, but since neither of us know Logan, we decided to stay.

I stayed with a friend and after chatting for a bit and checking the alarm for the third and fourth time, I was able to go to bed relatively early.  Does anyone really sleep very well the night before a race? I kept waking up: 11:30, 12:45, 1:15, 2:50 and at 3:19 I woke myself up from a dream that I had forgotten a vital piece of clothing and I couldn't find Lyndi to get my things out of her car...and the last bus was leaving...When my alarm finally went off, I got up and as soon as my feet hit the floor I heard a loud crash  of thunder and then the downpour of rain. The neighborhood had to hear my heart hit the ground. I am a fair weather runner, my friends. So, I geared myself up for the rainy conditions ahead.  On the bus ride up the canyon I could see the lightening and was getting rather anxious since we were heading straight for it. My worries were for naught, by the time we got to the top of the canyon the sky was clear. 

I made a final potty break then lined up at the starting line, the gun went off and away I went. I hadn't even run 3/4ths of a mile when I saw a group of people up ahead standing in the middle of the road. As I passed there was a guy who had totally turfed it, his face was bloody and he needed help getting up.  I felt bad, but I was grateful it wasn't me.

The miles seemed to be flying by, I even wondered if they had mapped them properly.  I was just enjoying the beauty of Blacksmith Fork Canyon.  The leaves were already changing, I love this time of year! 
At mile 7 I started to feel the beginnings of nausea, which normally doesn't happen until the later miles.  I ignored it and thought about how well I was doing, then to my dismay I realized my Imodium wasn't kicking in...UGH! No need to say anymore. I made the necessary stops and was still right on schedule for my 4:30 marathon.  

At mile 20 I was really needing to talk to someone, and I looked over and my friend George was there.  We ran together for a couple of miles and then the port a potty was calling my name.  By this time the nausea was in full force, but of course I kept going. It just took me longer than I had hoped.  I was so glad to finally reach the finish line and started getting weepy before I even got to the chute. George was there at the finish line and got all my tears. 

The post race venue was great. There was live music lots of water, "Gator juice" (as my Girly calls it), fruit, goldfish, ice cream sandwiches and chocolate milk. A bit too much sugar for my sensitive tummy, but it was well organized. It was a perfect day to run 26.2 miles. The weather was great, it was a bit warmer than I had expected, so the random rain sprinkles were very welcomed! 

My Race Intervals:
13 Miles 2:13:59  2:13:59
20 Miles 1:23:12  3:37:04
26.2 Miles 1:24:55  5:02:00
So you can see I slowed WAY down that last 6.2 miles.  Definitely, not my PR, but I did the best I could on that day! 

Just a few side notes:
*The guy who turfed it...I saw him at the finish line, his face had dried blood on it, his head was all bandaged up, AND he had his medal around his neck!  He finished his race too!   
*Someone had a quote on their shirt that said, "Pain is weakness leaving the body."
*I wasn't sore at all on Sunday! : )
*Official race pics aren't available yet, I will post them later.

9 down 1 more to go to meet my goal of 10 marathons completed before 2009! I will run St. George next weekend!  I am so excited. I saved the best marathon for last! 


Nurse Heidi said...

I wonder why you always get nauseated. That's so weird. The lower GI stuff I can totally relate to, but nausea...hmmm. I would have cried if I'd woken up to rain - I'm so glad that cleared up for you! 26 miles in a downpour is not my idea of a fun time.

Great job! 9 marathons is nothing to sneeze at!!

Janice said...


I have been waiting all week for this post. When you said you woke up to thunder, I was sick to my stomach. But thank goodness it was clear. My sister ran Boston in '07 in rain and she hated every minute of it.

I am so jealous you get to run St George next weekend. I love love love that marathon, everything about it is my favortie. I will be moving into my new house here in ky, but I will also be thinking of you and all the other runners. I have been sick this week so my miles are low, but I hope to continue my motivation next week and keep up my running and training for my Feb marathon, which after reading more about it, I found it is a one mile loop. UGH.. Oh well, it will keep me going and trained for some good spring marathons. What is wrong with me? i always leave you a novel on here... ;)
Good luck next week, do you just plan to rest till then, with little running? I have never done a marathon and then another two weeks later....

tfh said...

Beautiful photos! And how amazing that you weren't at all sore on Sunday.

Since I'm new to your blog, I had to blink when I saw on the ticker how soon your next marathon is-- wow! Good luck and have fun.

Blyfinn said...

Congrats. The views you got to see during the marathon sounded awesome. It made me a little jealous. I can hardly believe that you are running another one so soon. Good luck!

Marci said...

Congratulations on your marathon, and thanks for sharing those pictures!

Becky said...

Great job! I'm a little jealous too. I SO am wanting to do another. But it will have to wait till next year, as the season's winding down now. GL on Saturday!!

Blyfinn said...

Thanks for your well wishes. It makes a HUGE difference.