Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

This is what I woke up to in the middle of the night!

Scared the crap out of me! And me, being half asleep, my reflexes were put to the test and my husband got punched in the nose! hehehe. He thought it was so funny!  I've got to get him back, any ideas?? Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008

An Inspirational Story

As I was preparing for a lesson I had to teach I came across a great story told by Thomas S. Monson back in April 1987. I hope you like it too!

"In everyone's conscience lies that spirit, that determination to measure up to the stature of true potential. But the way is rugged, and the course is challenging. So discovered John Helander from Goteborg, Sweden. John is handicapped, in that it is difficult for him to coordinate his motions. 

At a youth conference, John took part in a running race. He had no chance to win. Rather, his was the opportunity to be humiliated.

What a race it was! Struggling, surging, pressing, the runners bolted far beyond John. There was wonderment among the spectators. Who was this runner who lagged so far behind? The participants on their second lap of this two-lap race passed John while he was but halfway through the first lap. Tension mounted as the runners pressed toward the tape. Who would win? Who would place second? Then came the final burst of speed; the tape was broken. The crowd cheered; the winner was proclaimed.

The race was over~or was it? Who is this contestant who continues to run when the race is ended? He crosses the finish line on but his first lap. Doesn't the foolish lad know he has lost? Ever onward he struggles, the only participant now on the track. Every eye is on this valiant runner. He makes the final turn and moves toward the finish line. There is awe; there is admiration. As John approaches the finish line, the audience, as one, rises to its feet. Stumbling, falling, exhausted but victorious, John Helander breaks the newly tightened tape. The cheering echoes for miles."

There are several of my "blogging friends" who are facing challenges in their running, whether it be an injury or the blahs, we all face these obstacles at some point. We just have to keep our eyes on our goal and hang in there and remember that we do not run alone. The vast audience of family and friends will cheer our courage and will applaud our determination as we rise from the pitfalls and obstacles in our course.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weight Not, Want Not...

This week's TIART topic over at Runner's Lounge is: Weight

Logically, I know the number on the scale really doesn't matter. So why do I still step on that darn thing? It's as if the scale has a strange hold on me, almost like an addiction. I have to know that number! It is a sick relationship. I think the scale is my friend, but it only disappoints me...but there is the occasion that it doesn't! I have realized that this is a problem for me. So over the past several months I have been trying not to weigh myself everyday. I am down to about once a month (old habits die hard). I figure as long as I feel good and my clothes are still fitting properly, I am probably doing ok.

There are a few things that I do to keep my weight in check:
1.  Eat 6 small meals a day.   It is important to get a good balance of protein and carbs to keep hunger at bay and to keep your metabolism working.  
2.  Drink lots of water. 
3.  A good night's sleep.
4.  Exercise. Cardio & strength training. The more muscle you have the more fat your body can  burn.
5.  Things I can't live without: 
*Protein Powder~  I like Optimal Nutrition (Dbl Rich Chocolate) & 
           BSN Syntha-6 (Strawberry or Chocolate)
*Fish Oil 

I have always thought it was calories in & calories out, but it really is much more than that. You have to eat to fuel your body. When you eat good foods and you are properly hydrated, your body will work the way it should, like a fine tuned machine. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I Run

Someone asked me last week "Why did you start running?" 
The answer is simply: WEIGHT LOSS
After spending some time in England, I rolled out of bed one day and I was 30 pounds heavier than when I arrived. I hated the way I looked and felt so I started walking/running and dropped a few pounds, but still I wasn't completely hooked. 

I gained some of the weight back that first year after I got married. Knowing that I needed some encouragement, my non-runner husband started running with me (he has always said about running, "I would rather be dragged naked behind a bus!") So, after buying the cheapest treadmill ($399 at Sears), to his great relief I was running on my own.  I loved that treadmill. It was used so much that the tread started peeling off. OK so it was the cheap one, but let me tell you, I ran hundreds of miles on that thing! That was 13 years ago, and I haven't looked back! (I also don't like running on a treadmill anymore!) 

After I lost the 30 pounds I was feeling great and was getting faster, and I really wanted to run the St. George Marathon, so I started training only to get a stress fracture in my right shin 4 weeks before the race. So, the next year I got into the lottery again, trained all summer, was so excited, and I got another stress fracture, in my left shin 3 weeks before the race. The next year, the stress fracture was in my hip, and that one was bad!  I couldn't run comfortably for over a year. After that, I thought that maybe I wasn't cut out for running a marathon. 

Our son was born a year and a half later, and of course, I was heavier than I wanted to be. I started running again, but this time I was doing strength training as well. I ran my first marathon when Ethan was 18 months old. Going over that finish line was so empowering! I knew at that point I was hooked! There was no turning back. That is the reason I keep running, the way it makes me feel, I love that runner's high, I love the sense of accomplishment knowing that I finished my run before most of my neighbors are even out of bed in the mornings. I love that my 7 year old asked me before my last race, "How old do you have to be to run a marathon?" He is thinking about it already and that makes me happy.  I love that my 2 year old daughter was running from one end of the house to the other and announced "I runnin' marason!" I love the look of pride on my family's faces when I see them after a race. But most of all, I love that running has made me feel better about myself. Not only physically, but mentally as well. I KNOW I can do anything I put my mind to! That is why I run!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I found this video on another runner's blog and thought it was amazing! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's Next?

I feel like I have been walking around aimlessly for the past week and a half.  I have completed five marathons this year and now, I don't have anything else scheduled. It has been an awesome year for me. I have proven to myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I love running! It really has been the only thing that has kept me sane over the past 10 months. We have had a lot of stress in our lives and being able to "run the stress away" has been a real blessing, and the support of my family has been just amazing!

There are several marathons I would love to do one day: 
Boston, and of course,
All the Hawaiian Island ones

Marathons that are a little closer to home:
Big Sur
San Francisco
Disney World Goofy's Challenge
*I am sure there are plenty more, these were just the biggies off the top of my head.

I have done: 
St.George (4)
Salt Lake City (2)
Las Vegas 
Deseret News
Top of Utah

What are some of your favorite races? Suggestions are always welcome. 
I think I may have come up with a new running goal for this runner girl. I will let you know. ( :

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Friday!

In life, as in business, there has always been a need for those persons who could be called FINISHERS. Their ranks are few, their opportunities many, their contributions great. One day each of us will cross the finish line. Will it likewise be to the cheers and encouragement of those we have loved and served? Hopefully, it will be to the approbation of our savior, who because of our faith and good works, will say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Thomas S. Monson

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

St. George 2008

I have always said I am a fair weather runner and St. George has a great climate and always has nice weather in October. It was 1983 the last time it rained during the St. George Marathon. And this year it rained again, all day. 

My friend Leslie and her family stayed with us the night before the race and we were able to ride the bus to the starting line together and hang out there before the gun went off. I have to say, Leslie is an incredible athlete! This was her second marathon and she did amazing! It was nice to be able to talk with her and feel her energetic attitude. 

When we got to the start line, the marathon organizers~they really do think of everything~ had garbage bags for those of us who were unprepared for the downpour. I wore mine for the entire race! I really think it is a good look for me!

As we were sitting by the fires, trying to stay warm, we met a man from England, who actually had rented his home to the missionaries in my mission. It was fun to talk about places I haven't been in 15 years, and the rain was very reminiscent of that as well!

When the gun went off and I started out onto the course, to my surprise, the rain didn't seem so bad.  It was cold, but it felt familiar, like a long lost friend. I know, that sounds so dumb, but I really was enjoying it.  It seemed like we were running in the dark for a lot longer this year. There were a few people right out of the gates that slipped and fell. So I kept my eyes on the ground and just kept going, and tried not to worry about the slippery conditions.  

At mile 7 I ran up the Veyo hill like it was nothing. Now I need to preface my week before the race here; I went down to St. George on Monday and spent the week there.  My Mom had to have surgery, so the kids and I went down to help where we could. I didn't eat well all week, lots of sweets and even a trip to, dare I say it, McDonald's. (YUCK!) But I was really surprised by the way I felt, normally when I eat junk, I can really feel it in my running, but it didn't seem to make a difference on Saturday. By the way, my Mom doesn't have to have chemo! YEAH!  

I was really sticking to my schedule for my Accellerade/Gatorade/GU and everything was going great.  At mile 13 I was right on schedule for a 4:30 time, sounds familiar doesn't it??  By mile 16 I was feeling great and was using Janice's mantra of "Run Strong." (Thanks). The spectators on the side of the road were great, as they always are in St George. When I saw Snows Canyon I got a little weepy. It is an incredible sight on a sunny day, but I have never seen it in that light before, with the freshness of the rain. 

At mile 23 I called my family to tell them where I was, so that they would be there at the finish line.  I always seem to have a hard time those last few miles in town, but not on this day.  I started counting (in my head, of course) the people I was passing. I wasn't nauseated at all and I just felt great! As I turned that last corner, I started getting more and more excited and I could see the finish line.  I saw my cute family and ran over the finish line!  My personal best! 4:15! I'm sure to a lot of you, that doesn't sound like a great feat, but all year long I have been trying to get a PR of 4:30 and have not been able to pull it off for some reason or another. But I finally did it! And it felt so good to surpass my goal!   

I love the St. George Marathon. It is my all time favorite race!  They just know how to do it! Their organization is awesome, the aid stations are awesome, the post race venue is awesome. This was my forth time running it and I loved it just as much, if not more, this year than in the past!

Things I learned from this race: 
*Be prepared with a poncho/garbage bag.
*I need to wear better socks. I have always worn cotton, I know, I know, I learned my lesson.
*I am not necessarily a fair weather runner. Rain is NOT a bad thing! 

Happy Running!