Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I Run

Someone asked me last week "Why did you start running?" 
The answer is simply: WEIGHT LOSS
After spending some time in England, I rolled out of bed one day and I was 30 pounds heavier than when I arrived. I hated the way I looked and felt so I started walking/running and dropped a few pounds, but still I wasn't completely hooked. 

I gained some of the weight back that first year after I got married. Knowing that I needed some encouragement, my non-runner husband started running with me (he has always said about running, "I would rather be dragged naked behind a bus!") So, after buying the cheapest treadmill ($399 at Sears), to his great relief I was running on my own.  I loved that treadmill. It was used so much that the tread started peeling off. OK so it was the cheap one, but let me tell you, I ran hundreds of miles on that thing! That was 13 years ago, and I haven't looked back! (I also don't like running on a treadmill anymore!) 

After I lost the 30 pounds I was feeling great and was getting faster, and I really wanted to run the St. George Marathon, so I started training only to get a stress fracture in my right shin 4 weeks before the race. So, the next year I got into the lottery again, trained all summer, was so excited, and I got another stress fracture, in my left shin 3 weeks before the race. The next year, the stress fracture was in my hip, and that one was bad!  I couldn't run comfortably for over a year. After that, I thought that maybe I wasn't cut out for running a marathon. 

Our son was born a year and a half later, and of course, I was heavier than I wanted to be. I started running again, but this time I was doing strength training as well. I ran my first marathon when Ethan was 18 months old. Going over that finish line was so empowering! I knew at that point I was hooked! There was no turning back. That is the reason I keep running, the way it makes me feel, I love that runner's high, I love the sense of accomplishment knowing that I finished my run before most of my neighbors are even out of bed in the mornings. I love that my 7 year old asked me before my last race, "How old do you have to be to run a marathon?" He is thinking about it already and that makes me happy.  I love that my 2 year old daughter was running from one end of the house to the other and announced "I runnin' marason!" I love the look of pride on my family's faces when I see them after a race. But most of all, I love that running has made me feel better about myself. Not only physically, but mentally as well. I KNOW I can do anything I put my mind to! That is why I run!


Janice said...

very well put... we all start running for our own personnel reasons, but when it comes down to it... we all feel good after. (at least I do) I have really been struggling with my running since moving here to Ky and I am really needing some extra motivation these days, and your blog helps me so much, so thanks.

Blyfinn said...

I went through almost the very same process you did to become addicted to running. Well besides the childbirth thing. It started with weight loss and addicted after I realized I missed the feeling if I don't run. Very well put.

Run Mommy said...

That is excellent! I am not sure if you saw my earlier posts but I had a lot of the same feelings. Love to hear about these stories!

tfh said...

Thanks for the motivating story! Hearing it definitely is helping me push back some of my own "maybe I'm just not cut out for running a marathon" fears.

Leslie said...

Haha, Erik's comment about being drug behind a bus was the same one he told us when we asked him if he ran too. That's funny.
So glad you finally had a good St George, you did great! Are you planning on it again next year?