Monday, November 8, 2010

The Art of Chaos

Some  people thrive on chaos in their lives and others (like me) feel like we can't breath. I feel like I am being pulled in a hundred different directions. There really is an art to balancing everything. If you have the balancing act figured out, please pass on your secrets. (:

 I recently went back to work full time after being a stay at home mom for nearly ten years. Yes, I do have a sense of guilt for leaving my kids, but it is a necessity right now. I'm not complaining, it has just been a bit of an adjustment for my little family. I am grateful to have a job that I enjoy. I am grateful to work with people I like and get along with. I think that is rare.

I feel like I have no control in my life right now. We moved to a new house this weekend and it has been a little crazy. I have not been eating very well, darn you, Halloween! It is my downfall every year. And with everything else that is going on... I read someone's post the other day and she said she did not give in to one piece of candy. I was so impressed...and jealous that I didn't have that kind of will power this year. Oh well, it is a new day.  It is amazing how when one area in your life is a bit nuts, all the other areas seem to fall in suit to the craziness. Maybe, it is just me.

I ran the Snow Canyon half marathon on Saturday...PR for me! Woo hoo! My knee hurt a little on the down hill, but it was a great training run for me. The weather was great. Southern Utah is beautiful in the fall! It was awesome running through Snow pretty! 

Have a great week everyone. Keep running!


Anonymous said...

hope things calm down for u.

i like being busy, but i also love having a lazy day once in a while!

good luck with everything!

misszippy said...

Life sounds crazy--I can certainly appreciate how feeling a loss of control can be tough.

Great job on the PR!

Janice {Run Far} said...

My life is full of chaos as well, and I am NOT working outside of the home at all. I am just a mess. I love southern Ut. So jealous.

katie thompson said...

hey i found your blog threw complete running. keep me inspired! i will be running my first marathon in 27 weeks! hope ogden treats me well!
any advice?

Jo Lynn said...

Your downfall is Halloween? Mine starts at Valentine's Day and continues through Christmas! LOLOL Hang in there. ;)

Nurse Heidi said...

I feel your pain. I've been putting in full time and nearly full time hours the last two months, the second two month stint of that this year. It's a big change for me too, coming from only working two shifts a month. Running is my sanity, and in the midst of my first round of full time + our house renovation, I decided that a second marathon in a month was the best way to cope. Non-runners don't get it at all, but it makes perfect sense to me!

Just realize that some things in your life are going to slip and it's ok. Just pick the most important things and make sure they get done. Delegate the rest. Ethan's surely old enough to vacuum and clean a bathroom :).

Erick said...

You are amazing! "Bum Knee" and still running the good race..... As far as being organized and dis-combobulated..... it sounds like you need to rely on that amazing Husband of yours more. If you do he will step it up I'm sure!

Good luck on the Mesquite marathon!

Teamarcia said...

Good luck with the new job and rebalancing everything! congrats on the PR too!

Hunnybee said...

Congrats on the PR. and I'm right there with ya on the Halloween candy. Hope things calm down once things from the move are all settled.

Julie said...

Hey Stacey! I was so happy to meet you on Saturday :) You are very inspiring and I enjoy all of your race recaps! The shorts you asked about are "Athletic Works." They are so cozy and I wear them at least once a week. They just need a pocket (if I wear them, I make sure my shirt has a pocket).

Hang in there working full-time...change always takes time for adjustment:)

I'm excited about the SIGVARIS give-away. I can't believe you weren't sore the day after the SC Half {I've felt better after other half marathons)!! Congratulations on your PR. Wasn't that a perfect day to run?! We enjoyed beautiful weather and scenery. I also ended with a PR!

Once again, good luck with your marathons!! You are AWESOME!!