Thursday, August 28, 2008

Run Rest Recover Repeat

This week's Take It And Run Thursday topic at Runner's Lounge is "Run, Rest, Recover. Repeat." When I was a younger runner I didn't take the necessary time to recover or rest from my six day a week running regimen, and back then I never did any cross-training (gasp).  Today, my running is much smarter!  I run 4 days a week and I lift weights 4 days a week.  I take my rest days! And if I do miss a run, I don't feel guilty about it.  It's funny how age has made me adapt and change my thinking and attitude.  I am more in tune with my body and perhaps I take it too easy sometimes when I have those aches and pains that we runners occasionally get, but I would rather take some time off and not get an injury so I can continue to run! 

My favorite things after a long run are:  a chocolate protein shake, a banana, tortilla chips and a NAP!  I have to have the nap.  I'm still learning about new things that work for me and I am always interested in what other runners do.  

I love running for the satisfaction and accomplishment I feel.  Running makes me happy.


Joe said...

Yeah, I hate missing runs, but I know stuff happens in life. I'm totally with you on the naps afterward.

And yes, very simply, running makes me happy too.

Great post.