Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Like, Oh My Gosh!

The 80s were like totally awesome. Like, oh my gosh do you totally remember like talking like we were all from the valley? It was rad. It. Like. Totally. Ruled. I have been listening to my 80s playlist on my ipod the past few days, it has been Dy-No-Mite! (:

I ran a new route the other morning and it was good. Every morning on my way to work I drive by this paved path and think, "I need to run down there." I finally did it! And dude, it was like totally awesome!

As I ran and listened to my bodacious 80s music, floods of memories and experiences came to my mind. Ha! Isn't it funny how music does that?! It like totally takes you back in time. With each new song my step seemed to get lighter and I found I was playing the "name that tune" game with myself. My hubby and I have played this game a lot over the years, playing a short bit of a song while the other person says the title of the song and who sang it. Like, oh my gosh, I like totally love this game!

I sometimes miss the 80s. But then, I remember this:

No, that isn't me, but I remember that style.. Like, gag me with a spoon!

So, like my point to this post is this... I wanted to play the Name that 80's tune with you, my tubular bloggy friends! Every day until Christmas I will post a line from like a totally random 80's song and you get to like guess the name of the song and the person/group that sings the song. So, like, here we go.

"Lying awake intent at tuning in on you..."

The first person to comment and get it right will be announced tomorrow and will get ALL the bragging rights. Good luck and party on dude.

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Keep running!



At first I thought "Tears for Fears" but I couldn't get the song. Then it hit me. We were on a hockey road trip, and only one guy had a boom box with a cassette player. (We all had walkmans)

And he played "VIDEO KILLED TH RADIO STAR" over and over and over again.


Denise said...

i had to ask my friend b/c i had no clue. she got it right!

Kim said...

Have you been drinking??? You are cracking me up!!

amjohns7 said...
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