Thursday, January 20, 2011

Super Heroes

What is it about Super Heroes? As kids we were fascinated by them. We wanted to look like them, dress like them. We wanted to be just like them! I remember making/wearing bullet proof bracelets made out of foil and pretending to fly my invisible air plane. Remember that new pair of shoes you know, the ones you just KNEW would make you "faster than a speeding bullet," and make you "leap tall buildings in a single bound." Those were the days weren't they?

I have been thinking a lot about Super Heroes. I watch my girlie play Super Girl in her Halloween costume and it warms my heart.  I asked my kids, "What makes a Super Hero super?" Both of them said, without hesitation, "They help/save people." A Super Hero is brave, strong, determined, athletic, has special powers, earns respect, and has a goal, among many other things...

Just like in DC Comics, there are Super Heroes in my life. They may not wear a cape or a mask. They may not have X-ray vision, or have an invisible plane, but nonetheless they have made a huge impact on me. Since this is a running blog I wanted to talk about a few of my Running Super Heroes.

First of all, I have to mention Dean K.... He is a given! He is everyone's Super Hero, is he not?

Another one of my running Super Heroes is George. He is a master runner! George has run well over a hundred marathons and seveal ultas. He is a plethora of information! He taught me about eating a hamburger and fries as a pre-race meal. He also taught me to be grateful for and thank race volunteers. Because truly with out them we wouldn't be able to race. But George is a Super Hero because he always takes time to make sure those who are struggling are ok. I have seen him many times stop and walk with someone who is looking rough..he always gives that encouraging word and is in fact a Super Hero on the race course!

Sharon. I met Sharon at the 2008 Ogden marathon. We crossed paths around mile 21. She was a god send. I was nauseated and not feeling well at all and she ran/walked with me until the end. She totally helped keep my mind occupied. That day she really came to my rescue. I love seeing her now at races and giving her a big hug. She will be running her 100th marathon this year. She is definitely a Super Hero!

There's Janice who runs Far and Strong. She has lost 15 pounds!  That is Super Hero in my book! There is Tall Mom Mel. She inspires so many! She has also had to deal with some pretty big obstacles over the past several months and she has proven her Super Hero status! And then there is Beth at SUAR...That woman has determination! I know if I had to run in a just wouldn't happen...ever! But she also has the best Super Hero costume!

But really all of you are my Super Heroes. The encouragement and support you give to your fellow is fabulous! I love our sport. Where else can you be friends with people from all walks of life? Where else can you rub shoulders with real life Super Heroes!


Anna Walker said...

I love your blog! This is my first time commenting, and I agree that I think Beth is a hero with all that she has overcome, and how hard she is working towards her goal. I will so go check out those other blogs right now! :) Amazing post!

ShutUpandRun said...

wow, thanks for calling me a super hero!! although i don't feel that way, i guess my underwear costume fits the bill. great post!!!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

WOW thank you this totally made my rainy Friday :) I hope we get to meet one of these days..

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I am a new follower to yours and looking forward to reading!!

Love the them of this post!!! I wanna be She-RA!